Use Tables to Showcase Promotions

Next time you go to the mall, instead of shopping for new clothes or shoes, take a look at what the clothes and shoes are merchandised on.  Stores use tables and fixtures to lead you through a maze of “look at this” displays with the goal of getting you to the back of the store. […]

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How Much Is This?

Imagine you are shopping at one of your favorite stores and you see something that catches your eye.  The first thing you do is look for a price on the item, right?  What do you do with the item if it does not have a price on it?  Do you look around for a sales […]

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Window Displays are Important!

Window displays give clients an idea of what they can expect from your salon or spa as a business.  Beautiful window displays set with the latest promotions tell clients you take pride in your products, as well as your services.  It can also give your services a higher perceived value, making clients more willing to […]

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Increase Your Profit per Square Foot

You pay money for every square foot of your salon, right?  All areas of your salon can be used to showcase products and promotions – processing areas, bathrooms, shampoo areas, etc.  Instead of putting magazines on a table, put out a beautiful product display.  Anywhere a client is sitting for any length of time should […]

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