How does your salon or store look from the street? Can you see any products or model images that give clients an idea of what to expect from your services?

Everything in your salon is making an impression on how people perceive your salon and the windows are the first impression. You have heard the saying: you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Even though a client cannot shop the window, they are just as important as your shelving and tables. Beautifully dressed windows will give your products and services a higher perceived value, therefore clients will be more willing to shop there.

Make sure your windows communicate which brands you carry inside, especially if you are in a touristy area. Clients travel and they forget their haircare products or they get taken while going through security at the airport. If they drive by your salon and see their brand in your window they will stop and buy!

Windows are also used to make clients focus on new product launch or promotion. Think about a mall where the stores do not have any products or imagery in the windows, no models, no promotions. It would look really bare right? Not only that, there would be nothing telling you why you need to go in. Windows displays often make us go into stores just so we can make sure we do not miss out on a bargain. Take advantage of this shopping behavior and communicate to your clients and passers by, tell them why they should shop at your salon or store.


Cheryl is a freelance merchandiser committed to helping salons learn how to increase their sales by creating beautiful, engaging product displays through using marketing elements and props.

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