How to Display in Window Shelving Units

Do you have a shelving display that is not used for housing haircare or spa products and is just supposed to be pretty?  If you answered yes, then this post is for you.  These can be some of the most challenging places to display because we often times do not know what to put in the window.  Sometimes we put too much in these displays and it is very overwhelming to look at.

Some simple rules of thumb are:

  1. Use subtle repetition
  2. Work with products in groups of 3 or 5
  3. Do not do a display with props on every single shelf
  4. Choose a color scheme and stick to it, do not use one of every product you have in your salon or spa.

You can see in the picture below some shelves are exactly the same and only 5 of the 10 shelves have props on them.  This allows the onlooker to "see" what you want them to without being overwhelmed.  You might be saying that there is no way my inventory will allow me to display 23 products on a shelf not meant for selling to clients.  If that is the case, then have your stylists save their empty shampoo and styling product bottles, fill them with sand or water and voila!  You have products to display that are NOT in your inventory.


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