How Much Is This?

Imagine you are shopping at one of your favorite stores and you see something that catches your eye.  The first thing you do is look for a price on the item, right?  What do you do with the item if it does not have a price on it?  Do you look around for a sales person to ask or do you put the item back where you found it?  Chances are you just like the rest of us and you put the item back.  If a client has to wait for someone to tell them the price of something, you run a pretty high chance of losing the sale.  Some salons and spas prefer not to price items because they do not want to call attention to how expensive their products are.  Name a store that has their products on tables for you to touch and pick up that does not have prices on their items.  Stores seem “shady” if they do not clearly price their products.  Consumers can feel as if they are going to be told a price based on how they look, or they may get the ‘price of the day’.  Take the time to price all of your products clearly.  Promotions on tables should have signs clearly stating the promotion and how much the client is saving.

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