Use Tables to Showcase Promotions

Next time you go to the mall, instead of shopping for new clothes or shoes, take a look at what the clothes and shoes are merchandised on.  Stores use tables and fixtures to lead you through a maze of “look at this” displays with the goal of getting you to the back of the store.  Most desired or highest selling items are usually in the back of the store, while the seasonal trendy fashions are up front and in window displays.  Sometimes in our salons and spas, we think we need to have things “out of the client’s way”.  I challenge you to change that thinking and put things in their path to make them stop and shop!  Now don’t go “stack them high and watch them fly” route and turn your beautiful salon into a flea market.  There should be 36″ walkways between all tables, fixtures, chairs and walls.

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As soon as the client walks in the door, they should see the latest and greatest new product you just received.  Tables are the best way to showcase a new product promotion.  Table dimensions can vary greatly, 30″-36″ high is ideal, so that a client does not have to bend over to shop.  It takes a lot of product to fill a table, so make sure you choose a promotion you love or choose smaller tables.  24″-36″ is a good diameter or width for a small table and 48″ wide for a larger one.  Add props and other items to create visual interest around your tables and to grab the client’s attention for as long as possible.  Also, make sure you give them a clear focused product promotion to decrease the possibility of confusion on what the product price is.


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