Too Much to Look At!

You have less than 1 second, yes 1 second, to catch a client’s wandering eye.  Displays need to be clean, concise and contain only one promotion.  This table has 8 different signs on it with 3 different promotions going on.  Clients are not going to stop and study the table to figure out what you are trying to sell them.  I recommend having only one promotion, two tops, on a table at a time and buy heavy into that one promotion.  A table is meant for shopping, you need to stock it with a lot of product.  Go check out the tables at Bath & Body Works and you will see them full of body lotion and soap (great excuse to go to the mall!).

The other issue with this table is that the props upstage the products they are trying to sell.  Props should be secondary to the product and promotion on the table.  Remember the point of your display is for the client to look at the product, not your beach toys.  We want them walking out of the salon with shampoo in their hand, not thinking about the items they need to buy for their next beach trip.

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